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Trophy New River Smallmouth
New River
Spring New River trophy smallmouth
New River fishing raft
Mickey from Greentop fishing the New River
Fishing the New River
Another New River trophy smallmouth
New River Fishing
Frequently Asked ?'s...
How long do our trips last? - All of our full day trips typically last at least 8 or more hours on the water. You will need to be in good, physical condition to best enjoy your trip.
Do I Need a Fishing License? - Virginia residents 16 and over and non-residents 12 and over must carry a valid VA fishing license on all trips. Virginia residents will need an in-state license, and non-residents can purchase a 5-day, non-resident license. To purchase your license online, please visit the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Online Fishing License Application website.
What Gear Should I Bring? - If you would like to bring your own rod and reel for spin or fly trip and have questions, please make sure to read Britt's setup recommendations by clicking here. Your guide will inspect your gear before we leave the boat ramp because we would hate for you to loose that trophy due to gear or tackle defects.
What Baits and Flys are Working? - We provide top-of-the-line baits on our guided fishing trips. We carry a full tackle box and fish a variety of baits and flies on a daily basis. The New and James are constantly changing rivers, therefore, we are constantly fishing different presentations.
What is Our Fishing Craft? - We guide you in Maravia self-bailing rafts with custom designed NRS fishing frames. The frames are designed with very few add-ons to make sweet, comfortable fishing machines for both spin and fly clients.
What Should I Bring? - Make sure to bring your lunch or we can provide it for a small cost. In addition to any tackle that you may bring, please make sure to dress accordingly. Rain gear is a MUST on ANY trip, ANY time of year. In the colder months, including the early-spring and late-fall, make sure to dress in multiple layers. Cotton is not a good layer, and we suggest nylon, wool, and/or fleece. We carry dry bags, and you can always pull off the layers. Appropriate head-gear and hand-gear is also tremendously important for those very cold and windy days. Also, please make sure to wear the appropriate footwear. There is always a possibility of splash in the boat, and waterproof boots are recommended in the early-spring and late-fall. For the warmer months, make sure you dress comfortably. Nylon pants or swim shorts are good and shoes such as sandals (no flip flops) or old tennis shoes work well. Always bring your sunscreen along for protection and polarized sunglasses are a must for seeing river structure during low, clear water conditions. Also, don't forget any medications or other personal items that you may need throughout the trip!!
How's the Weather/River? - Click here to visit our weather/river levels page.
How's the Bite? - Spring (March through May) and fall (September through early-November) are excellent times for more experienced anglers who have previous bass fishing experience. For those wishing to pursue trophy fish, bad weather and long days are not an issue. Trophy smallmouth fishing is not for the faint of heart or inexperienced angler, but the rewards can be great. Late-May through early-September are better times for anglers of all experience levels. Numbers of fish are much more available (in addition to some big fish), and the weather is typically more stable making for a more relaxing time on the water. This is also a good time for those wishing to fly fish for smallies. Remember, it's fishing, not catching, and each day on the water is completely different.
What's for Lunch? - Lunch is not included on our trips. We supply water and ice only.
Catch, Photo, Release? - The 'ole bronzeback is a prized and special fish. Our guided smallmouth trips are strictly catch and release only. We will measure and take pictures of your "trophies" so that you will have memories to last a lifetime. So bring a camera and lot's of film. Click here to print out the VDGIF state citation form.
When and Where Do We Meet? - Please call or email us the week before your trip to CONFIRM meet time and location. We fish the entire New River in the state of Virginia and 60 miles of the James and all trip locations will be determined by the guide.
Are We Responsible for...? - Compensation for lost/broken lures and/or damaged rods/reels and/or damaged raft are at the guide's discretion.
Gratuities? - A 15% to 20% gratuity is customary.
GPS Units? - Handheld GPS units are NOT allowed on our guided fishing trips; NO exceptions! Our guided fishing trips focus on teaching our clients the techniques needed to pursue big, mature smallmouths. We are NOT in the business of teaching specific holes on the river! If you want to map the river, then we are not the guide service for you.
What About Rain? - We can not control the weather, and rain is part of fishing. If you are thinking about booking a trip with us and are concerned about it raining during your trip, then we are not the guide service for you because we DO fish in the rain. Please see "What Should I Bring" to be prepared for adverse conditions.
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