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Overnight Trips
New River Kayaking
New River Canoeing
New River Kayaking
Rafting the New River
New River
Canoeing the New River
Kayaking the New River
New River
Kayaking the New
Kayaking the New River
About Our New River Kayaks Trips
The New River attracts canoeists, anglers, rafters, kayakers, rock climbers, bird watchers, and a host of other outdoor enthusiasts from across the country. NROC maintains a fleet of sit-on-top and sit-in recreational kayaks. These kayaks are very stable and easy to handle making them an excellent choice for paddlers just entering the sport, anglers who want to control their own vessel, or teens who want to follow the family on their own. Our kayaks have an easy entry cockpit, a comfortable seat, and optimum knee and legroom. A mix of canoes and kayaks allows everyone in the group to try it out making it a great option for that odd person out in your group. Paddlers will be given a thorough river orientation and a detailed map of the river trip they are undertaking. In addition, basic paddling instruction can be provided to the novice paddler. Next, you will be shuttled to the launch site where you will embark on your adventure. Please note that the lengths of the trips listed below are an estimate of how long they may take you to float. How fast or slow you paddle and the river level are just two factors that can cause your trip to be shorter or longer. For all trips, there will be a negotiated pick-up time at the take-out.
Please contact us if you wish to plan an overnight trip on The New. We will be glad to assist you in your trip planning.
- Please show up ON TIME and READY TO GO!
- All our boat rentals include the shuttle.
- In order to enhance the quality of our world-class fishery, NROC practices strict CPR (Catch, Photo, and Release) of all fish caught in the New River, and we ask that our clients do the same.
-10% discount on livery services for groups of 20 or more, any day.
-10% discount on livery services, any day, regardless of group size for Virginia Tech or Radford students with valid college ID, Boy and Girl Scout troops on official troop outings, church youth groups in which at least half the participants are under 18, and active military. (Excludes guided fishing trips.)
-Click here for Current Specials
Pricing (Excludes 5.3% Sales Tax)
Day Trips $45/kayak
Overnight Trips Click here for details
Trip Descriptions
Day Trips - All of our day trips run on these three sections.
Trip #6: (6 miles) Eggleston to Pembroke
Description: This run has one strong Class II, two milder class II's, and several Class I's and riffles.
Trip #7: (2.5 miles) Pembroke to Ripplemead
Description: One
Class II at the put-in, but the rest are easy riffles and Class I's.
Trip #8: (8.5 miles) Ripplemead to Bluff City
Description: Some of the best paddling in Virginia. There is one strong Class II rapid and numerous milder Class II's and I's that liven up this float. An overall great paddling trip.
New River Water Levels and Weather Forecasts
Please visit our river/weather information page to view USGS and links for the current river levels and weather conditions in our area.
Terms and Conditions

Groups renting 4 boats or less: $25/boat payment due at time of reservation.

Groups renting 5 boats or more & all overnight trips: 50% of total due at time of reservation.
ANY TRIP booked within 24 hours of trip time: Full payment due at time of reservation.
Balance: The remaining balance is due at check-in. The overall total will include a 5.3% sales tax.
Payment Policy: All deposits must be made with a credit card. We accept Mastercard or Visa only. Please call 540-921-7438 with CC information. Your balance may be paid with cash, credit card, or check. A $25 fee will apply to any returned checks.
Cancellation Policy:
For groups of 4 boats or less - Before 24 hours of reservation date: Your deposit will be refunded minus a $20 cancellation fee. Within 24 hours of reservation date: You will forfeit your entire deposit.
For groups of 5 boats or more & all overnight trips - Before 72 hours of your reservation date: You have 3 days from the time of cancellation to reschedule a comparable trip of equal value. Your deposit (minus a $50 rescheduling fee) will be applied to the new trip. If your group does not reschedule within the 3 days, your entire deposit will be forfeited. Should your group reschedule, and have to cancel again, your entire deposit will be forfeited automatically. Within 72 hours of your reservation date: Your entire deposit will be forfeited.
ANY TRIP booked within 24 hours of trip time - Your entire deposit will be forfeited.
NROC reserves the right to cancel or reschedule your trip should river conditions be too dangerous for your scheduled trip. Such cancellations may occur at any time and without prior notification.
No refunds will be made because of poor fishing or swimming conditions, overcast skies, rain or chance of rain, or late arrival.
If your trip is cancelled by NROC due to the aforementioned conditions, your trip will be rescheduled, any payments will be refunded, or you will be issued a voucher.
Please call us or check our website if you are unsure of the weather conditions especially in the spring when river conditions may be fluctuating. NROC will make every effort to contact you ASAP if your trip is cancelled.
*Due to scheduling limitations, there are no exceptions to these policies.*
Liability Waivers: Please read the liability waiver form and/or parent permission forms. Sign the forms and either mail them to us with your deposit check or bring them with you upon arrival to help speed up the the check-in process.
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